Special Events

Who doesn’t love a good party? Nothing excites us more than to hear how we can be part of your event.

From an intimate dinner to a large-scale event

Our designers will have a consultation meeting with you to go over the details and show you different flowers in our shop. After a tour of the venue, our graphics team will create a customized mood board outlining the colors, containers, mood and style of your event.

Using inspirational images and floral examples, you will have a clear concept of exactly how your event will look and feel. From an intimate dinner to a large-scale event, our designers will guide you every step of the way, help you stay on budget and ensure that no detail is overlooked.

Our Process

Once established, Starbright will return weekly to care for and feed your new residents. Our dedicated staff will water, clean, prune and fertilize all the plants so that each one can complement your space with elegance and beauty. Many of our customers request orchids to decorate their spaces. These gorgeous, flowering plants are rotated monthly for our customers so that the orchids are always in full and splendid bloom.

Each event flower design is created after consultation with the event flower design team who are aware of the client’s vision. We always take the customer’s preferences, directives and goals into account. Whether it’s a modern style or a traditional style event flower, our Event Flowers Team turns our clients’ vision into reality.

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