Botanical Design

We are a retail plant store offering a wide range of plant care, advice and planting. We also specialize in living wall installations in winter and summer seasons. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor living walls for your home or office, we can create a living wall in any space. We offer free consultation, design services and quotes.

Sarı Frezya

Breathe new life into the outdoors

Are you jealous of the monstera plants shared so much on Instagram? We can help you. Let our team with a background in fashion, art and design create the perfect botanical collection for your home.

Whether you need a showy plant, a complete plant overhaul or just a happy plant companion, we can provide the right leaf for your light. We pair our plants with beautiful pottery, terracotta and interesting vessels.

Our Process

Consultations are available in the shop or at your home to create plans and forecasts. Our experienced designers will meet with you, listen to all your needs and wishes and then create a hand or computer-aided design for full-scale or partial spaces. Once your design or estimate is complete, our experienced teams are ready to turn your plans into reality. We install the best plants available in Istanbul, as well as special terraces, walkways, retaining walls, fire pits and water features.

Whether you need a new landscape installation or help with Spring/Fall cleanup, you’ll enjoy working with our teams who understand your property and can help with weeding, edging, mulch installation and pruning.

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